• Servicing the state of Rio de Janeiro for more than 20 years, Saúde Eventos is specialized in providing medical care services for your events.

    We propose a safe environment and service tailored at your needs.

    We offer medical care and counselling services to corporative events, fair promoters or any other kind of public production.
  • We provide exclusive services at a competitive rate, according to your needs. Events that we have to in the past include the following:

  • Congresses, Seminars and Conventions;
  • Fairs and Showrooms;
  • Social Events, Weddings and parties;
  • Exhibits and Fashion Shows;
  • Meetings, Corporative Events and Religious Events;
  • Tournaments.
Saúde Eventos


  • Panasonic Internacional, KMB, Chriare, Método Eventos RJ, Hotel Sofitel, 3RSTUDIO, DOW Chemical, DANONE, GOYA, among others.


  • Our medical care services are focused in monitoring throughout the event and providing immediate attention in case of an emergency. In such scenario we would then proceed by transporting the patient to the hospital. When its required, we assist the patient throughout the period he’s hospitalized. English, Spanish, French and German speaking doctors are available upon request.
Cobertura Médica de Eventos


  • We provide a highly qualified medical team with fully equipped mobile intensive-care units and ambulances.
Operação de Posto Médico


  • We set up a high- tech medical station that complies with the local health laws.